HR Support for GP Practices

People management can be hard going.

When it comes to the challenges facing practices, people management is one of the toughest. There’s such a variety of things to deal with: from recruitment through to grievances, training to employment law. And of course, there’s never enough time…

As well as providing a range of training workshops, General Practice Training also provides practice managers with all the HR help and support they might need, including:

  • Employee contracts and handbook– avoid future problems by ensuring these are ethical, legal and clear.
  • HR policies and procedures – that are up to date and legal, with no nasty loopholes!
  • Sickness absence– supporting you in managing any sickness related issues.
  • Managing performance– helping you to get the best from your employees, and to move them forward.
  • Discipline and grievances– helping you resolve these potentially stressful issues using best practice and appropriate legal frameworks.
  • Change management– providing support during times of transition, keeping disruption to a minimum.
  • Managing capability – helping you effectively manage an employee who is underperforming.
  • Updates – when there are changes to employment law that you need to know about
  • Reassurance – that you are following best practice

Why use us?

  • Where possible, you will get the same consultant working with you who will get to know you, your staff and the particular HR challenges your practice faces
  • If your consultant is away from work, (sickness or holiday) we will make sure you can still access HR advice and support
  • We give you pragmatic and sensible advice
  • We will walk with you through every step of the particular staffing challenge
  • We can attend meetings with you as well as provide note takers
  • We give you scripts and template documents to use
  • Whatever the challenge you face, there is a strong likelihood we will have already encountered a similar situation
  • We invoice monthly so you can keep an eye on expenditure
  • Most of all we are a friendly, approachable group of really experienced HR consultants who understand that budgets and resources are tight.

You can access the HR support through either a phone call or an email. We offer a “Pay As You Go” service so you only pay for what you actually need – no expensive monthly retainers.  Our hourly rates vary from £65 to £85 per hour depending on the type of HR advice that you are looking for.

If you’ve struggled with any of these issues, or you have concerns going forwards, talk to our friendly team. There’s no obligation, and we just might be the perfect solution.