Why Choose Us?

The non-clinical training solution for healthcare staff

General Practice Training was founded to provide focused, effective non-clinical training for healthcare staff.

We offer training to staff at all levels, including practice managers, GPs, back-office workers and receptionists.

Meeting your training needs

Working in your healthcare organisation demands a host of non-clinical skills: conflict resolution, management, leadership, recruitment and more.

General Practice Training, we develop these skills by providing impactful, high-quality workshops designed with healthcare environments in mind.

Our team of consultants has a wealth of experience in developing human resource skills. Many have worked extensively with healthcare staff.

With their help, you and your staff will discover new ways of tackling familiar problems, share examples of good practice, and come away with practical tips and strategies to use in your surgery or other healthcare setting.

What can our training do for your practice?

Our engaging and effective training benefits your patients, your practice and your staff.

  • Discover new ways of working and communicating.
  • Improve conflict resolution and ways of dealing with challenging situations.
  • Increase staff wellbeing and job satisfaction.
  • Increase efficiency, freeing up more time for clinical work.
  • Improve staff recruitment and retention.
  • Gain confidence in employment and work-related law.

Get effective non-clinical skills in-house or online

It’s never easy for healthcare staff to find travel time, so our workshops are offered in-house or online.

To book from our extensive range of courses, contact us today.