FP34 PPA Claims: Back to Basics

Length: 1 hour Location: Online using Zoom (all participants need access to a laptop or PC)

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GP Practice Managers in the UK need to be well-versed in FP34 PPA (Prescription Pricing Authority) claims as they are essential for the financial reimbursement of services provided by the practice. A lack of understanding or errors in FP34 PPA claims can lead to financial losses and compliance issues, making it a critical aspect of practice management.

This free workshop will give you a step by step walk through the FP34 claims process with tips about how to make sure your practice is claiming all the monies it can!

Who should attend the workshop

  • GP practice managers

Learning outcomes

Designed to ensure that all the gaps are filled for those who received no or little training when they acquired the claiming role.

  • What is the FP34 / PA / PAI / PPA claim process?​
  • Why does it matter?
  • Why is the claim element so important
  • How do I claim? A 10 step process
  • Why does it go wrong?
  • A brief introduction to process improvement
  • Q&A

Workshop format

An interactive webinar with lots of thought-provoking information.