Care Navigation for Non-Clinical Staff (run in partnership with Network for Practices)

Length: 3.5 hours per workshop Location: Online using Zoom (all participants need access to a laptop or PC)

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The primary care receptionist role has continued to develop over many years into more than just booking appointments for patients. With appropriate training and support non-clinical staff can facilitate the patient journey more effectively. Receptionists can ensure the patient is seen by the most appropriate professional in the Practice; or by using a directory of services for their locality, signposting to other services within the NHS or third-party providers.

Who should attend the workshop

  • Reception staff and other front-line staff who regularly interact with patients

Learning outcomes

By the end of the three workshops non-clinical staff will:

  • Understand the importance of communication skills verbal and non-verbal
  • Have more confidence in communicating and dealing with patients
  • Have more confidence in triaging patients
  • Have more confidence in signposting patients
  • Understand the sources of advice and support available, e.g. a directory of services
  • Understand the importance of a whole team approach and how their role fits within this

Workshop format

The programme consists of three half-day workshops:

Workshop 1: Compassionate communication skills for triage and signposting for frontline staff

Workshop 2: First line of care: Effective triage in general practice for front-line staff

Workshop 3: Roadmap to care: Unlocking the potential of effective signposting for front-line staff

To maximise the benefit of training, we recommend that staff attend all three training workshops as the learning is cumulative. However, the workshops also work well as standalone sessions.

Workshops can be arranged flexibly to suit the practice needs, though ideally the maximum gap between workshops should not exceed one week.

We cap the group size at 12 people to enable everyone to fully take part, have their questions answered and to gain the maximum learning from the interactive workshops.

Zoom joining instructions will be sent as part of the meeting invitations unless the organisation prefers to use its own video conferencing facility.

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