HR Brief Bites 3: Understanding, managing and calculating annual leave entitlements

Length: 1.5 hours Location: Online using Zoom (all participants need access to a laptop or PC)

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Want to accurately calculate annual leave for different types of staff, including part-time and casual workers?

In this workshop we delve into the intricacies of managing annual leave within the framework of employment law. This workshop is an invaluable opportunity for you to gain the expertise needed to manage these aspects confidently and effectively, ensuring compliance and fairness in your team.

This short workshop will help you as a line manager to:

  • Understand employment law that relates to annual leave
  • Know how annual leave entitlement relates to other leave such as sickness and maternity leave
  • Calculate annual leave for part-time, part year and casual staff
  • Calculate bank holiday entitlements

Who should attend the workshop

  • Managers, team leads and staff in a supervisory role within primary care

Workshop format

Tutors: Nicola Harry or Tracy Madgwick

All participants will need access to a laptop or PC with camera and sound in a quiet space. Please have your camera on if possible during the training as this makes is more enjoyable for everyone.

Zoom joining instructions will be sent as part of the joining instructions.

We will send the slides out to all participants after the workshop.

Please feel free to bring your lunch with you to the workshop.

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