Team Building

Length: One day Location: In-house

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This workshop aims to make your practice team happier, more effective and cohesive.

Our course is not an ‘activity day’. Although that approach has its merits, we believe that true team building begins with each team member gaining a better understanding their colleagues’ strengths, what they value, and their ways of communicating.

To this end, our sessions make use of the MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) tool, used by organisations worldwide to gain insight into how people approach their work, and each other. For practice staff, it offers an enlightening and engaging method to learn more about the people they work alongside, providing new ways of understanding and working together.

Although some staff may have anxieties about personality questionnaires, the MBTI method is supportive and does not judge one personality type as superior to others.

General Practice Training only uses licensed MBTI practitioners, who are equipped to discuss results and move your team forward.

Who should attend the workshop

  • All staff, line managers and supervisors.

Learning outcomes

The format will be informal and participative – everyone has an important contribution to make to the discussions.

A typical workshop will cover:

  • Theory and research input from the trainer
  • Use of the MBTI tool
  • Learning from our shared experiences
  • Small group work to discuss and share ideas

This workshop can be run in-house. Please email [email protected] and we will be pleased to chat to you.

If working online, all participants will need access to a laptop or PC. Zoom joining instructions will be sent as part of the meeting invitations unless the organisation prefers to use its own video conferencing facility.

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